Tackling complex problems requires

Structured Democratic Dialogue

Wicked Problems Need Stakeholder Participation

Wicked Problems Need Stakeholder Participation

Solving problems and making good decisions is becoming more and more complex. You know you need to understand the system at play. You need everyone to integrate their diverse perspectives. Unfortunately, simply putting the right stakeholders in a room with a facilitator doesn’t do it.

Can our process help you?

Of course. You need to develop sound strategic plans that will create change. You are on a task force seeking to understand a complex issue. We work in any sector while focusing on issues in education, energy, and policy – wherever people need to come together in an efficient, participatory dialogue process to tackle wicked problems.

You and the stakeholders bring your content and context. We bring the proven structured process.

Our process surfaces and combines the collective stakeholder wisdom to efficiently understand:

  • The system dynamics
  • The biggest leverage points
  • The best ways to create significant change

and ensures all the participating stakeholders:

  • Appreciate the diversity of perspectives and learn from each other
  • Collectively create and buy into the solutions
  • Communicate everything consistently using a common language
  • Act on their shared commitments

Watch what some stakeholders say after participating.

What do we deliver consistently and efficiently?

  • Thorough and rigorous research, planning, and execution
  • Expertly managed stakeholder interactions that design powerful solutions
  • Documentation of the collective wisdom and all that led to it
  • Stakeholder alignment and ownership

Contact us to begin a conversation:

Email: info@demosophia.com

Call: Andy Hegedus at 302-275-3448