Our company

Demosophia LLC

We’re a specialty consulting firm that partners with organizations to strategically solve the most complex and wicked problems. We use a participatory process to have all stakeholders collaboratively:

  • Understand the deep drivers using a systems approach,
  • Design strategies and actions plans to realize solutions, and
  • Implement the plans they develop

We customize our unique methodology to ensure all the necessary stakeholders learn and make decisions together. This powerfully results in everyone having a common understanding, buy-in, and commitment to action.

Our methodology, Structured Democratic Dialogue (SDD), was scientifically studied and honed over 40 years. It is nothing like you’ve experienced before.

The process and supporting software efficiently surfaces, captures, and displays the wisdom that emerges. When the solutions are designed by people learning and combining their wisdom, needed changes occur and problems are resolved.


What is “Demosophia” anyway?

Demosophia, in Greek, means the “wisdom of the people.” The name implies a shift in focus from “the power of the people,” which is the Greek meaning of the word “Democracy”, to the “wisdom of the people.” The underlying reason for the shift is that:

Discovering the wisdom of the people is necessary if the people are expected to exercise their power.

Because the issues we face are becoming more and more complex, it is much more difficult to uncover the wisdom of the people today than it was even yesterday.

Fortunately, using the new science of Structured Democratic Dialogue (SDD), we can surface the knowledge and wisdom of the people and harness it to construct a better future.