Demosophia is Greek for “Wisdom of the People.” We enable key stakeholders to collectively diagnose and tackle the most complex challenges creating a path forward that results in lasting, positive change.

A Better Approach

In today’s world many of the problems are not complicated, they are complex and wicked. Each situation is unique, and best practices are not enough. The new world demands a new approach – one that harnesses expertise and experience that matches the complexity of the challenge. The Demosophia methodology delivers consulting redesigned specifically for these situations.



Gather perceptions and analyze data to broadly grasp the complexity of the problem, and determine the perspectives needed to fully comprehend and address it.



Examine the depth and dynamics of the problem through stakeholders collaboratively participating in a Colab with its structured dialogue.



Outline the key strategies that will overcome a problem’s most influential challenges through participation in another Colab with its enabling technology.



Select and formally approve a few powerful priorities to pursue, along with planning the details of how to make them happen.



Implement the plan using a structure that enables those closest to the work to make decisions and adapt as conditions change while routinely communicating progress.

Our Methodology

Developed through 50 years of scientific research and application.

Fundamental Differences

Our expertise is our methodology. We can help you successfully address problems that other consultants can’t or won’t. Instead of offering "best practice" solutions, our difference is in our:


We apply the science of dialogue as developed and proven over the last 50 years with research about implementation to create a proven, reliable, efficient, end to end methodology. The science was applied to meticulously select powerful group processes. The science includes new mathematics and algorithms now embedded in indispensable supporting software. The science ensures participants continue to think without being overwhelmed, and allows the group to discover the most influential ideas rather than simply finding those perceived as important.

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We believe that complex and wicked problems can only be resolved by bringing together people with the necessary variety of perspectives and expertise in a collaborative setting where their ideas are freed, protected, and equally considered with all others. We lead Colabs where stakeholders learn from each other, create a common understanding, find the biggest points of leverage, and become energized to act.

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We create the conditions for successful change and supply the tools to achieve them. Our methodology generates learning, alignment, focus, buy-in, energy, and clear communication. We ensure appropriate levels of oversight with the flexibility to adapt. We build organizational capacity to successfully design and implement plans. Our methodology produces organizational momentum that directly leads to successful implementation with often dramatic results.

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Who We Serve

From major organizations to small non-profits, our clients obtain better results than they initially expect.


The Capital School District has made tremendous strides in bridging gaps between the district and community during its strategic planning process with the help of Demosophia and their Colabs.

Dan Shelton, Ed.D., Superintendent/Chief School Officer


Yours is the most effective process I ever saw. With CKDI, we had all these people with disparate personalities and disparate interests. People who had terribly different agendas. And yet they quickly arrived at a consensus. When I see some of the other guys on the steering committee, we mention just how effective that process was.

Dr. Thomas Parker III, Chair, Steering Committee, Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative


…the collaborative planning resulted in empirical evidence for consensus on a strong set of inter-related strategic options that both included and surpassed the span of recommendations generated by the rational CBP team.

US Air Force Research Laboratory


Demosophia has an amazing process and we highly recommend working with them. What they do will help any organization, big or small, tackle their most complex challenges in a way that values people and their contributions, in a way that people feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas.

Patti Paulus, Co-Owner, The Palette & The Page, LLC

A Sample Of Our Results

voices heard
ideas generated
priorities identified
students, their families, and the broader community positively impacted

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