The Palette & The Page

Finding the priority

Four people had a dream to start an art gallery in a small town. Three and a half years in it was still a struggle. Demosophia stepped in to help them sort through their options and repair some of their strained relationships. Three years later, they are profitable, a recognized leader, and a catalyst for revitalizing their community.

The Situation

The life as one of the original four owners of The Palette & The Page, an art gallery in a small town, was both difficult and rewarding. The owners worked together to launch the gallery three and a half years before Demosophia stepped in to helped. They were still in the investment phase as their business was growing but had not yet broken even. They couldn’t determine where they should focus to really accelerate their growth. Should they bring in a point of sale system? Hire part-time help to free them for other priorities? The stress of starting up and running the business was affecting their relationships.

The Approach

The Demosophia methodology was exactly what they needed at the time. It forced them to listen to each other and learn. It encouraged and supported new behaviors so they couldn’t over-power each other. It was safe for them to express their ideas. The technology allowed them to pay attention to the ideas without needing to remember everything. It asked them to determine which ideas were the most important and then whether one idea would significantly influence another as they were trying to grow. The influence map was the “ah ha” moment for them. It showed they simply needed to focus on increasing revenue first: Renting out a room for events; raising prices they knew were too low; increasing their fees a bit. With the extra money, they could then take the next steps. It seems so simple in retrospect; it took the Demosophia methodology and support to figure out where to put their main effort.

The Results

Three years later, they’ve made great strides. Their gallery is profitable. Many of the things they wanted to do are done. They were recognized in 2014 as the town’s small business of the year, and in 2015 they were inducted into the County Business Hall of Fame. The success of their gallery is a catalyst for transforming their town. Other new businesses started – a coffee shop, other galleries, and restaurants. They are still using the inter-personal lessons from the process to ensure they work as a high-functioning team.

Demosophia has an amazing process and we highly recommend working with them. What they do will help any organization, big or small, tackle their most complex challenges in a way that values people and their contributions, in a way that people feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas.

Patti Paulus, Co-Owner, The Palette & The Page, LLC

The Demosophia expertise is in our methodology, not the specifics of your problem. That way we can help you successfully address problems that other consultants can’t or won’t. Ultimately, we foster a culture change that creates more results than many initially envision.

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